history, has a fixed image in people's minds. But in 1989, after some adjustments have been made in the original logo and change: put in the box "stars" on the letter "o" in the Middle, and removed the box, and using the new color--patone485c a warm waft of red. In addition, the company's trademark to other "Star" shaped badge printing at retail locations, "cons" sneakers, "stars" and round representative of converse all-star basketball shoe are retained. Because, to some extent, converse represents tradition, authority and the United States. This is NBA nike mid blazer womens NBA fans with closed eyes can spot the signs. Label the left hand dribble the basketball player silhouette, who the hell is this guy? Most people think he is Shirley · latitude sterling (jerrywest)-Los Angeles Lakers nearly 1 in height.9 m halfback. But NBA public relations manager dismissed the legend and speculation, stressing

that this is a creative design, creation of a mixture of several features. CHAMPION of "champion"--champion was a pioneering sportswear manufacturers, it and the United States form a bond campaign. C with the "converse" and other brands, since the United States when a sports event there. C words dominated the trademark of red and blue-and-white tri-color classic designs circulated for a long time now has been impossible to find out its origin, but it will still continue to use it, because it is the image of sport, is the United States part of sports history. Chapter III, for home users to ask for those who trade shop selling shoes is what had come nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk from? Last week, bought a pair of Y3 [made in China], the landlord have any assessment on this brand? how Li Ning and Conway's shoes? Thanks, I would like to ask what ultimate shoes buy better? section q: cats (3): for

those who would trade shop selling shoes is what had come from? ---Kuit q-bashing (6): Yes, the pheasant half the shoes in the shop, but I don't see card-what is the difference between/---and fuluo reply:

"Landlord" (13): 3 floor trade shop some is fakes, most is inventory goods. 6 floor of, are goods and fakes difference most difference is soles and shoes of on both sides, soles expert of people basic by out work and material on can see, because AD and NIKE of soles mold hard do of. authentic AD of inside are has a is deep of radian, wear up is close. authentic of shoes needle car of line is key of, soles and uppers see not to glue of traces asked: cat last week buy has pair Y3 [made In China], landlord on this brand has what evaluation?---anonymous persons 507701 answer: "landlord" (15): 7 floor you said of should is I3 's, Chinese named Ai Folun, yiqian does is