For the last year or so whenever i’d needed something printed i had a tendency to opt for cheap online printers or enlargements carried out at regular high street shops. I was never blown away by the quality of the print but instead felt satisfied by an job that could only be defined as ok. Alright, ok, not bad. Not exactly great descriptive words for your work…

My realisation came a few weeks ago when i was over in Athens staying the evening at another photographers house. All over his house were prints either framed or in boxes all printed on various different textures and thicknesses of paper. I was sold straight away and knew i had to find a printing company i was not only satisfied with but impressed by.


theprintspace is a company i’d found online and was attracted by a pretty simple concept – the sample pack. What i noticed when looking through prints was the sheer amount of paper choices you have when printing. Its often a minefield attempting to decide what paper to choose when you have nothing to gauge it on.

A few days after ordering it a packet containing 11 A4 prints arrived each showcasing the different paper and desired effect it had. I can’t overstate how cool it is to be able to picture how your print will turn out by seeing the paper firsthand.

Wanting to get straight into printing something i arranged to order a print for a present – kind of as a test of the service before putting in a large order. I ordered a 16×12 Kodak Metallic print online at 4.30 in the afternoon and was amazed to see if arrive by recorded delivery the following morning. It came flat packed so i didn’t have to deal with a rolled print and was well packaged up with the obligatory ‘Don Not Bend’ sticker.

For a first try at printing with this company its safe to say i’m impressed. In future i’ll be looking to print on a much larger scale and knowing that there is a fast and reliable company is such a bonus. If you’re reading this thinking, “i’ve always wanted to get that made into a print” then get to it – i’m pretty sure you’ll be happy you did it.