Bing xin refer directly LinHuiYin articles, can only later in life an article is found in sporadic several pen: "in 1925, I was in the states LinHuiYin adas color preferred met, then she is my boyfriend WuWenZao friend liang sicheng fiancee." But is the friend's boyfriend fiancee just, relationship so simple, coach outlet metasomatic unavoidable appear tone nonchalance. But in other writer introduce bing xin, but is permeated with emotion, not so cold. LinHuiYin directly about bing xin's words, she wrote fee only in comfort mei, John king fairbank letter had some words, but LinHuiYin to bing xin's name in English letter translated into Icy Heart. Icy Heart obviously not commendatory word in English. To LinHuiYin let convincing English level, as to make such a mistake?

Li later also said: "LinHuiYin and bing xin between them as friends, and at the same time, enemies." Lead to this situation, the reason is "she (lam) lack of women's YouXian character. coach bags She for any question (all), especially interested in literature and art, has the instinct, direct ponderation. Growth wealth, fate turns, tutelage let her have her passion, enthusiasm is hidden within her life, pillar. Preferences and debate -- because she love truth, but lonely, lonely, depression, always with poem express her sorrow."

Otherwise fu mentioned LinHuiYin say: "his wife, the daughter of a bachelor, intellect today at least xie bingxin generation above." LinHuiYin in writing fu say: "especially about my place, a word of the worldfamous allows me to Jiu blindness, heart SuYe sorrow painful."

1955 51-year-old LinHuiYin has multiplied a crane west, 1999 99 Chinese literary field of grandma bingxin, also illness painfully. It's day or night, is a friend or foe may all already not important.Have historical records, ugg australia Lao tze once west out letter, was closed GuanLing YinXi valley, strong writing and left in the history of Chinese thought masterpiece 5,000 words the tao-te ching. Then just ride with a large blue cows, continue to west, it didn't news. This causes many archaeologists and historians interest now, there is no draw very hard evidence. Some say the quicksand ran India ugg boots sale went to India and said Lao tze missionary work, teach a Buddha such big disciple. Many people think that generations of affliction just Taoism to raise oneself belittle other religions and fabricated. While some say old age of laozi in gansu LinTao stay, old man teach for withdrawing refined inner alchemy, health and explains the abbot in Taiwan "after LinTao transcendental soaring". And someone said to guess, then security is poor, who may have been caused by accident loot, halfway.

There is a saying that Lao tze not our laws, but the return. Zhuangzi · tiandao kyu-bo for a record, narrates that Lao tze leaves and left weeks room and holiness house ". Located in the hometown of Lao tze today in henan province from Confucius, finished the county in qufu far away. Confucius had visited Lao tze, Uggs namely the legendary "Confucius asked ritual". This matter whether in zhuangzi "han fei zi", or "wonderful indeology in Confucian book ceremonies.from · engzi asked of recorded that Lao tze retire after that east to more reliable.

2. Xi shi death mysteries