Ware Flying High in Park City. Ian Matteson Photo.

1) How you livin?Other than finals and trying to get a job, life is good. Just ate pow all day at the bird.2) Is dating girls boring or are you stoked?Im stoked on my girlfriend! Jordan is the coolest.3) How much candy do you eat per week?I usually get down with some Hi-Chews and Zots, but sour patch is getting pretty predominant in my diet. I just killed a pack of trolli bright crawlers too... so dank.4) Tell me about the first time you met Josh Bishop?Bishop put me up in his house in boulder before I even knew him. What a good guy. (according to Bishop, Ware visited Boulder for a movie premiere in 2007 and slept inside a closet, in a sleeping bag)5) Who is James Sullivan and why does that name haunt your memories?James Sullivan is Josh Bishop, and Josh Bishop is WAY to good at prank calling people. He?s got a Denver area code people, watch out.6) How was your season?Really fun, despite an unusual snow year. Park City was the best as always, so many homies. Got a few epic pow days at Brighton and Snowbird (just got back from one of the best of my life up at Snowbird, April 30, 2010 WHAT!?!?), and how could it not be the best season ever? I went to the Orage Masters and it was PIMP.7) Could you provide a season recap?Hmm? I hooked up with SURFACE SKIS and started off my season really stoked on that because Mike is the man and their products are awesome. I skied at Park City I thiiinnk, 60 days and other than that, I was hiking around trying to film and ski backcountry. I took a few bad crashes that left me hurting for a month or so here and there, but overall it was one of the best yet!8) Do you compete?I tried competing at Aspen Open for the first time this year and it was fun. I had a good time shredding with all the homies and of course, hitting the X Games course (which was way more intense than it looked on TV). The course was mad slow, and I was stoked to make it through staying high on fives. Plus, my buddy from back home in Portland put us up in one hell of a bachelor pad. Thanks Grant and Jake, ill be back.9) What is more significant, competitions or filming/ photos?After doing both this year, I am way more stoked on filming and photography. Competing is fun, but skiing is getting a little ridiculous with the amount of spins and flips that are being thrown. I like keeping it slow for the most part. Also, seeing the work that J Eichhorst, Ian Matteson, E Heath and the whole 4bi9 crew put out makes more even more stoked to get down with them in the future.10) How do you try and promote yourself each year?For the most part, just making edits that get people hyped to go skiing and improving my bag of tricks.11) Do you attend University?Yes, I go to the U of Utah and am a Civil Engineering major. Its tough to balance school and skiing, but my future is lookin bright if skiing doesn?t pay out for me. I be sure to let myself ski at least 5 days a week in the winter, so its not too bad. It may take me a few more years than normal, but I'm going for it.12) Name the most significant of each of the following items: - Movie- How High - Book- Deception Point - Friend- Every one means something different. - Personal belongings- Skis, Hats, Boat - Memory- Barcelona summer 2009. - Album- Dr. Dre, 2001. Almost know every word claim.13) What do you cherish most in life?The great outdoors, friends and family.14) Favorite flavor of jelly beansJuicy Pear!15) Pow or park?I try to be a well-rounded skier. Some think im a park rat, but I am from Oregon and grew up skiing cascade concrete all day. Mt. Hood Meadows stopped building good parks when Sammy left haha.16) Have you ever seen the back of a twenty dollar bill?I think so, but if you give me one ill check it out in more detail.17) Did Brick really stab a guy with a trident or was that special effects?What does that even mean? I'm gonna go with special effects.18) What is your most accomplished feat while on snow?Stomping a really big cliff.19) Where are you from?Portland, Oregon. Best city in the world.20) Where did you learn to ski?Mt. Hood21) Are you 21 ?Yes22) or are you 22?In a year I will be23) Name someone that's 23My sister, Jamie. Shes the shit.24) What is one thing you have no time for?Bad attitudes? pretty much everything shitty stems from that. Oh and laundry.25) How many pairs of ski socks do you own?226) Do your ski boots smell?Nope27) How long have you been sponsored?Since 200628) Do you like Velcro?Velcro is a great engineering feat. Im gonna rock Velcro shoes real hard when im a grandpa, they look steezy on old people for sure.29) Do you want to go camping?Yes, very bad. As a matter of fact, I will be in 7 days exactly.30) What's your plans for the spring / summer?Camping and skiing in Mammoth for a week, back to SLC to find a job, off to hood for a couple weeks, and back to salt lake for more work. Ill be missing Portland this summer!Closing remarks? BIG thanks to Mike and the rest of the crew at Surface for always hooking it up FAT and Hayden Price for the dope Smiths!