If you're around my age (20 or so) and heavily into park skiing, there's a big chance that Tom Wallisch was your favorite skier growing up, and still is. If not, he's right up there. If you follow him on social media, you may have noticed that he's been posting quite a few throwback clips on Facebook and Instagram recently. Earlier today, he posted his So Far So Hood segment from 2009, which made me want to compile some of Tom's best Internet content.

Superunknown V

For a lot of people, this was their first introduction to Tom Wallisch. Yes, he's always been that good, and that technical on rails. Front 360 swap back to switch in 2007 (1:51) ? I think so.


All Eight

Tom inspired every kid that has a backyard setup to learn all 8 switch ups 270s out with that video, where he shows us just how f****** consistent he is.


So Far So Hood Bonus

I prefer this one over his actual segment from So Far So Hood. Probably because I've seen it first. Or just because everything in this edit is perfect: the song, the tricks, Wallisch being a G; if you grew up in that era of freeskiing, you still watch that edit in 2015.


The Windells Shredcast – Episode 7

I re-watched this edit of Wallisch murdering Windells not too long after I came back from Mount Hood last summer, and I came to this conclusion : '09 Wallisch was better at park rails than any pro I’ve seen at Windells in 2014.


New Era #5

This re-edit of Wallisch's footage from Refresh by Kyle Decker is insane. The stuff he did in the streets back then was way ahead of its time.


Jiberish Winter 2010 - Do Werk

This edit is a classic. I'd recommend re-watching the whole 8 minutes. But if you strickly want to see Wallisch, his part starts at 3:18. This right here is probably my favorite park footage from him. The front swap front 630 out on the down-flat at 4:25 is out of this world.


Wednesdays With Wallisch – Episode 1 Season 2

Wednesdays With Wallisch were sick. Especially season 2. I remember this one popping up everywhere on my Facebook when it came out. The opening line at 1:47, the 630 on the down rail at 4:09, the front swap front 810 out of the S rail at 4:37, those still blow my mind to this day.


Insane Urban Skiing ft. Tom | Begging for Change (4Bi9 Media)

I guess Tom is a victim of YouTube here and wanted people to click on his video with a title like that. Anyway, you all remember that last rail, which he slid unnatural by the way.


A Walk in the Park

I remember watching this edit with Newschoolers’ favorite member, -emile-, and we were both laughing ‘cause Wallisch was making it look a bit too easy.


Wednesdays With Wallisch – Episode 6 Season 2

I've watched the Mount Hood part (starts at 3:13) too many times. That last line...


Tom Wallisch - Open season at Park City Mountain Resort

If you're running out of time 'cause you've watched every single footage of Tom in this article, just go straight to 5:04. And make sure you have a box of Kleenex.


The Wallisch Project

And last but not least, the Wallisch Project. While his Refresh and Eye Trip segments are my favorites, putting out a 7 minute part of this caliber in only a season is something.