summer is hella boring without snow thats a fact if this shit wasn't so boring I wouldn't be typing right now it seems like the only place where they permit backflips these days is at the fucking moutain every where I go Im getting kicked out for some kind of flip. the other day at the water park I started doing backflips to make some extra money but the guy gets super pissed offf and threatens to kick me out for ever. in sanfransico I was doing backflips off benches flatspins all the good shit when some guy comes up to me and says I should get aarrested, the ironic thing was that weekend they had the gay pride parade where girls were munching girls on a float naked I loved it but I can't do fucking backflips and they can do that shit to a crowd of people yes summer is fucked up Im just hella excited for winter got all kinds of goals set up