Im tired of kids who tell me that the do big mountain freestyle only or their freeriders now cause park is stupid. ok when was the last time u got up at 5 in the morning to go hike a 13,000ft peak just so you could take a single run at 3 p.m.? never. oh, when was ure last heli trip? I've never gone but i want to. so how do you do this big mountain skiing? I take a lift at a resort. oh thats some real big mountain skiing since the highest lift accessed terain in north america is at 12,000ft a lift that ws recently put up at Breck giving access you fucking posers to terain that me and my friends used to bust our asses to get to. now you and all the texans that have seen ski movies and think ,"hey i can do that" can now just take a couple chairs and you're there. do you have any first decents? no you dont cause your not a real big mountain skier. Whats in your brand new ski pack that your parents bought you? i ll tell you whats in mine that i payed for my self. I have a Life-Link avalanche shovel, an Ortovox colapsable probe, an Ortovox F1 Focus avy tranciever, a space blanket, a flash light and batteries, a compass and some miltary food rations. Un-like you who say you are a big mountain skier I have gotten up at 5 and hiked all day for one run, i do have a first desent and i eaven did this July 3rd, 4th, and 5th last year. so this is what i have to say to you people who wish they where big mountain skiers, get a tranciever probe and shovel, use that pack for what it was meant for, and take some avalanche classes. than go to copper and instead of taking the snowcat hike to tucker and ski there. than the next day go to the san juan mountains and hike some of their 13,000 footers then you're a big mountain skier.

Now all of you kids who are now free riders cause park is gay, stupid, boring, whatever the hell you say. First off y do you think that? cause you weren't any good and so you decided to quit and bad mouth it? were you and idiot and hit a jump too big for you and hurt yourself and got scared? What is it give me a reason. i could under stand falling hard and getting scared. when i was about 7 i about broke my back in the park and passes out cause i couldnt breathe. and just a couple yaers ago i started to get my confidenc back. but the point is that i came back and tried again. so if thats what happened just take a break and build your confidence but dont bad mouth it. Right now park is where this sport is right now. every one does it and every one that doesnt wants to. watch a ski movie any movie and youll see park. to be a really good skier you have to do it all you need to be able to take the big hits in the park and desend down a 60 dgree face just stop saying shit about park and either learn how to do it or take a break or just shut the hell up