Today was a good day, I flew an airplane by myself. After completing my stage check successfully with a senior airman, I was approved for solo flight after only about 11 hours of flight time total (average time to solo is 25-35 hours). I felt ready, so I headed up with my flight instructor Luke to Longmont for my solo.

Every good flight begins with a good pre-flight inspection.

The workspace I have come to love. Has the best view in town.

Luke and I enjoying a good time and good view on the front range after a light snowfall.

After a few solid touch-n-go's, my instructor told me he would like to be dropped off in the parking area. So I let him out, handed him the camera and made my way to the end of the runway.

Your first solo must consist of three full landings and three full take offs, completely unassisted in any way. I take to the skies in my 172.

My first successful flight.

My second successful flight.

When we got back to Jefco (Rocky Mountain Metro), we were greeted and congratulated by various members of the flight school.

And of course no solo is complete without the cliche tail number shot. Oh, trusty 52243.

Not to worry, plenty more airborne adventures to be had soon.