This photo sums up the entire house we stayed at, It is located in the middle of nowhere and got busted and thrown on the market after a huge drug bust, seized a very large crop of some plants, No Heat, No water, No Furniture, No homo!
This is our crew, Shane, Max and Scott. we all like our tobacco friend nick, and we really love to mean mug.
Tweaked over the fence gap and past the little pile of snow landing. basically street life v.s sled towing this trip.
Coming out of a nose drag on a fence we found by the step up gap. Darren from Voleurz snatching the shot.
Believe me, Darren definitely does not need pants to party.
Scott Sych is the not so self proclaimed prodigy child for Voleurz this year, happened to snatch himself a nice snap shot handplanting the rear view mirror before we got our good friend to smash the shit out of it with a hammer
This feature had a lot of ways to get set up, we decided on butter pad to down on our good friend Cory P as most at mt. Seymour would call it. strapped sketchy as fuck to the generator, turned into a mash up of fun.
This was our feature we were saving best for last, slide kicker to gap over the fence. The cops had this area on lock down after they kept kicking us out, we will never be back but you could just imagine.-a.k.a Axe Kill.