so i'm kinda lazy right now so i'm going to keep this one short and boring (just the way you like them). the end of the season was fun at red. the season ended with warm sunny days full of rock gaps, taps, and slashes. a few days before the end, rocks started showing through the snow on the knuckle of the jump in the park, but we kept hitting it anyways. i tried to get a 9 around but couldn't ride out of it. i'll give it another try when i get to some real jumps in whistler. someone (brodie evans) eventually landed on one of the rocks and broke his ankle (oops!), i don't think anyone hit the jump after that. we had puddle rides, bbq's, rail jams, and dummy downhills on the last day. I dressed up as a Pirate, but I'd say the bear was the best costume. cucheese (a paper mache replica of a dog named cucheese) totally ruled the dummy downhill with an attempt to fly away at the end.

back in vancouver now. went up seymour yesterday it was super fun. their "beginner park" is way better then reds park, let alone seymour's main park. get to have some good ol' turkey dinner tomorrow night for easter (and maybe some more turkey on monday as well), then i'm off to alberta for a week (including a few days at lake louise).

for anyone reading this that's going to be in whislter for the telus festival, I do believe I'm going to be in town from the 20th till the 23 or so. if you're going to be there let me know (well, unless I don't know you, 'cause that would be wierd)

may 1st i'm off to treeplanting till the end of july in the 100 mile house area.