I hiked up Roberts today. First time up there for the season. it was blue skies, not too cold, pretty sweet. two peoples boards broke before we even dropped in 'cause of rocks... but i've noticed this year that snowboards kinda break easy from rocks. i've had like 4 or 5 friends' boards have the sidewall break, edge rip out and have the core break... silly snowboarders.

going back up tomorrow with the camra, the weather is suposed to be the same. should be good.

i also just finshed watching most of the major ski videos of the season, and I say that Long Story Short was the best video of the year, with Anomoly comming in 2nd. My gf liked Anomoly more, but i think it's 'cause there's snowboarding in it (she's a snowboarder).

worst video of the year was show and prove. this might change after watching it more, but i doubt it - it kinda blows ass.

and lastly - skiing down to the lodge at the end of the day we saw a moose on the hill. I only saw the ass end of it while it was running into the trees, but my friend in front saw it run up a groomer and into the trees. it will probably attack a skier tomorrow... maybe we should have told ski patrol? i donno, silly moose.

i am finshed. all depart.