so ive come to the conclusion that skiing is the one thing in my life that balences out all the stresses and other shit that 16 year olds deal with on a daily basis.

yesterday was the mount saint louis pros and powder thing, that was probably one of the best days of skiing all year, and for that entire day nothing could take a smile off my face. everything was perfect, hell i even almost got to watch a 50 year old man knock out some punk ass asain.

decide tommorrow ill take a half day of skiing, and sleep in. wake up in the morning. sun is shining, looks like its going to be a killer day.

wake my mom up, say "im gunna go out and ski for a bit." and my responce is a drowsy but clear "no." no reasoning involved, just no.

for the rest of the day i just noticed that i was in a pissed off mood. little things irritated me. my brother took my hat, i wanted to punch him in the face. my dad asked me to move some boxes, i told him to get off his ass and stop making me do his work (tottally not like me).

so i left. went downstairs and ive been surfing newschoolers for the majority of the day. lame i know. even still, alone with nobody around to bother me. the fact that my computer is freezing makes me want to hill something.

so after realizing how much of a bitch ive been all day, i began to reflect. during the winter, in general, i am a really easy going guy to be around. i am freindly, cheerfull, all the bullshit you look for in a freind. anytime there isnt snow on my hills, it seems like a new tim comes out. little things make me want to knock people out.

so now that i have gotten my point out there, and realized how gay it is that i am actually "blogging." i have decided to call this one off early. im starving as a mofo and my speggetti is almost ready.

jesus, who the fuck blogs?