Yesterday, our Grad class went to Silverwood. Although it was pissing rain and quite cold, we had so much fun! Here are some photos and a video will follow shortly, I took my GoPro on every ride and waterslide with the exception of Aftershock where the ride attendant took it away from me. Also, I have some big news coming later today! so excited!

Colin's Puke
Bumper Boats!
We got kinda wet.
Then went to the waterpark.
Wave pool.
It was really cold out and pouring rain, but we aint scurred.
Dodging water laserssssss.
Serious Marsh on Tremors.
GOING NUTS! for Dirty Rich.
DROPZONE aka Panic Plunge.
Pretty high up.  On this ride, you try to scream but about halfway down you're moving so fast the air gets sucked out of your lungs.  I filmed myself and it's pretty funny.