Some days only come around once a year, Halloween, Grandparents

Day, Flag Day, and the Annual Moment Party! This past weekend played

host to the second coming and it turned out much bigger and better.

While in the midst of making skis every day we decided to do renovate

certain parts of the showroom/shop before the party. Having increased

the line from last year, we needed to find more room on the walls to

display our skis. New to the shop this year, some of our Holden order

arrived and was immediately put on display and received a lot of

attention. This year the shop will also have the latest gear from

Lethal Descent, SMS, Joystick, Bern, Pow and SickStickz just to name a


Don't worry, both these guys have degrees in engineering


New t-shirt display

you missed a spot

Casey realizing just how much work is ahead of him

Jib, Rocker, Bibby, Donner Party

Stiletto, Sierra, Pika


Andy Miller from Dynastar/Look/Lange

Segal  "woot woot"


A pair of giggling school girls

work work work


Once we had the shop finished and the barbecue was over it was time to

get our party on! Guest DJing was DJ The Silver Boombox Thief to kick

things off with a bang! While he was taking a break Morgan started up

his station and went to town, keeping the party going. Foosball, Beer

Pong, Ski movies on a projector, the party was going off! After the

DJ's had been spinning for a while Hip Hop groups Tree Woodz and Canto

I got in front of the crowd and put on a great show. It was non-stop

party until around 1:30 when it got shut down, something about tires

that weren't ours, who knows.

   Even though the party was over we were still going strong, and

decided to head downtown to grab a quick mid-night bite and then head

over to the Tonic Lounger for a now mandatory Jager & Cran to

finish the night off.

The party has officially started

Why Segal has this large T-Rex Banner we don't know, but it is awesome!

Ben from Sentury and Anthony from First Tracks Productions

what does it say?

Jamie Melton, KC Deane, Scott Pullman

more snowboarders



Definitely more people then last year


spitting game

M-Conn from Line/Orage and his crew

View from a cup on the bar

yes, we had a foosball table in there

Wes and James



Tree Woodz and Canto I -

beer pong table made out of snowboards

M-Conn on the Turntables


The next day started off with us cleaning up the shop and remembering

the mayhem that had ensued that night. We actually had a pretty nice

little Saturday, a little Olive Garden for lunch, I bought a new

skateboard and we watched Iron Man. Then - Off to the Squaw Premiere

for MSP's new film CLAIM! We ended up takign it a little be easier then

the night before but ran into a bunch of friends up there.

Casey keeping his head warm

Roy Tuscany from Smith

Mr. Bliss





The many faces of Billy Mann

Don't get in the way of Sami when she's having her picture taken


great weekend in the books, I can't wait to see what happens this

Friday and Saturday for our Skigasm film premieres in Reno, check the

NS events listings for complete details.