holy shit - i just went through one of the most intense weeks of my life... and somehow lived to tell about it.

alright. so i got back this morning, Wednesday, at 6am from a week on vancouver island and vacinity. the trip started off easy enough. i flew from castlegar into vancouver and hung out with some friends i haven't seen all summer. then i hoped on the ferry to nanaimo to begin my adventure. my first destination was courtenay, where I had to drop my planting gear off at my friends house, buy harry potter, then find somewhere nice to set up camp. I walked around for a few hours getting myself set up for the next day then found a clear cut to set my tent up in. read harry potter till it got dark and went to bed. (boring as hell, i know)

the next day I hitched up to Campbell River and sat by the ocean all day and read. In the afternoon I hoped on the ferry and went over to Quadra Island where I spent the night by this big spit near a campground called we wai kai... so naturally i got really high and went for a walk. there's some nice fuckin' scenery in this area - if you haven't been up there, definitely check that shit out. again, i read till it got dark, then fell asleep (almost as boring as the last night isn't it?)

so now it's friday morning and i got on the ferry to cortes island. my purpose of going out to cortes is this three day long rave called carrington. it is an hour hike from the road down to this amazingly beautiful lagoon with the stage and tent area right at the mouth. I was going because a few of my planting friends are from cortes and it sounded like a fun time. the twist is that one of my planting friends was maybe a bit more then just a friend while planting this summer. the interesting part is her boyfriend of 4 years was one of the few running the show. well... let the drugs begin.

the three days are mostly all blended togeather... although i did give 'er hard, some give 'er maybe a little too hard. my friend jade went something stupid like 80 hours without sleeping... we're pretty sure she was going a little insane. as for me, i managed to squeeze an hour or two in here and there. my list of drugs goes as so: 5g of mush, 1 hit of acid, an 8 ball, 6 pills of e, and large consumptions of beer and tequila... plus something stupid like 7 packs of cigg's. shit was awsome for the first two days, but sometime during the last night my brain started fighting itself and i got in a bad way. Of course it was because of the girl. isn't it always about a girl? although i didn't do anything really stupid, i was still having an inner battle with myself...

my original plan was to go hiking in strathcona park for a few days after the rave, but i was freaking out and had to get back to the mainland so i ran. I orginized a flight from nanaimo to castlegar, but missed it by 5 min. so i had to travel back up north to the ferry terminal and go over to van and take the bus back. and i gotta tell you, hitch hiking around on a falling apart mission while sketching out is not fun. oh - and being stuck in rush hour traffic on a packed city bus followed by sitting on a greyhound bus for 11 hours over night (while sketching out) is not fun. I kept getting random mood swings in the middle of the night and shit. i'm pretty sure all the people around me thought i was fucked - wait... i was.

so now i'm back in rossland. my brain still isn't all there. but at least i made it home, i'm alive, and i didn't do something stupid over the weekend to warrent people hating me or beating me up. but damn did i ever want the girl.

i'm going to attempt the island again in a few days. i'm safe in my bubble right now. oh, i guess i should say "kids: don't do drugs" they can fuck with your shit and stuff. i like shinny stuff.