.my posts have been few and far between lately. it might be a mix between being busy and not having worthy enough post to bother viewers. with that being said i’ve compiled my photos from my retallack adventure a week ago and posting them to share with the world. this trip was one of the most amazing times ive had in my life and the memories will never leave my mind. the people and the times we had made for a once in a lifetime experience and its making me antsy for next year. hope these photos give a good show.

.first cat ride of the trip… in the books. mick nack looking concerned…

.new world.

.an escape.


.sledders cabin lunchs.

.no touchy.

.karl the gnarl. hands down the most legendary character of all time.

.see karl in pink.

.see karl hold.

.see karl jump.

.the poem.

.the other poem.

.take me home.

.thank you so much everyone at Retallack Lodge( Tim, Dave, Karl, Phil, kitchen crew, and everyone else) for the best trip of my life. Can’t wait for next season to rejoin the boys at the lodge!