is there a possibility that everyone with a higher skill level is more likely to hate on newbies??

i mean i posted two vids last winter, and i got fvcked up for posting them, noone was giving editing hints nor was anyone respecting the skill level that my crew reached in one or two years of freeskiing.

ok, maybe there are people out there that throw 5s and switch 3s within the first month of their freeskiing career. but those who throw these things on 40 footers within the first season seem pretty rare. i know that my crew isnt that bad, the vid isnt showing it all, but that doesnt seem to matter to anyone else, all the guys were like: "ok this is your vid, you shot in in two years, you had the cam everyday with you and you havent landed a harder trick than shown in the vid". that has to get somehow in our minds, a edit isnt a compilation of the best stuff of the whole season, but a compilation of the stuff you actually filmed.

and in the end, it isnt just about the park stuff, ok, the powder stuff in the vid isnt too good too, but some people who commented are from the east coast and i am pretty sure that they havent seen powder in the last ten years.

lets come to the conclusion that we just shouldnt hate on people that put some effort in making edits of their skiing days. firstly it is possible that the stuff was filmed in one or two days, so it cant show the best riding of the presented crew. secondly i have to say that we all started once and since i am sometimes referred to as "good" i didnt hate on a n00b, maybe its just me...