Yesterday we had another session on the Jump. I haven´t done anything bigger than a 9 cause I can´t figure the jump out. I don´t know what it is, but the speed is really hard to get right. It´s qualifyers tonight. 32 skiers, 16 moves on to the finals. It´s hard to say how it´s gonna go for me since im not feeling to good on this jump. Hopefully I can figure it out and land 2 good tricks. The format is 3 jumps best 2 counts. Wish me good luck :)
I got my G11 camera yesterday so im just gonna upload some pics i took.
Is Sig Tveit and Alex turning to the other side ?
Jon showed me how to take pics with shutter speed and all that.
This is my proudest art work from last night. nice shot from the fireplace in the lobby.Time to get ready for some skiing. Here we go!PK