Last week was a big week for me, my fifth week here at craig my body is starting to come out of shock somewhat and I’m starting to evacuate tubes from my body left and right. Last week they removed the g-tube from my stomach which was used for meds and tube feedings while they were making sure I could swallow correctly.  In the same day I made a huge step by getting the trach out of my throat, which has brought much more comfortable days and nights. On saturday I received what will hopefully be my last iron transfusion and the last IV line was pulled from my arm. This is huge progress for me because I can now get in the pool, which I here is an amazing experience as a quadriplegic. This next week I will be able to start a daily be fit class and functional skills class which will add to my increasingly hectic schedule. I am so excited to get to do some really hard work finally as all the little bumps in the road transcend further into the past. I want to send out a huge thank you to those who have visited, seeing you gives me strength to wake up each day with a little more energy that you leave behind.  I also want to thank freeskier and my C.B. friends Martha, Jenna, James and Jamie for hosting some amazing events this past weekend I love you guys.  Once again I want to send a huge thank you to my mom and to katrina who has literally been holding my entire life together to this point.  A very special thanks to Jake and Lilli for their assistance in getting us moved out of our apartment in boulder you guys rock. I will check back in with you all as much as possible but the weeks ahead will be busy and I just want you all to know that I will be working my hardest. The care I am receiving from the love of my life katrina is keeping me safe, happy, and healthy on a daily basis. I’m in good hands here at craig the staff has been amazing my family has been amazing and Travis if your reading this I want you to know I’m getting better for you every day little brother. I miss you dad and jasper.

I love you all and I will see you soon

P.s If you want to come visit please email katrina at weekends work the best