PARK REPORT 11/26/08Snowmaking is looking good for tonight. We are going to start moving things around tonight and with a good shot of snowmaking tomorrow night the park should be totally rebuilt for sat. The only thing that we know for certain is that the dancefloor and tower combo will be pulled apart and reset seperately. Other than that, how we rebuild will be determined after we see what new snow we have to work with. High on the wishlist is to bring back a jump(s) and some of the smaller rails we had up earlier before the last rebuild.barrel bonkcorrugated tube tractor tire combosplit podium flat box comboride on flat boxdown railflat raildance floor w/down tower tube combo and pole jam optioncorrugated down tubeSnowboard Magazine staircase (down rail, flat down box)c-boxs-boxmini stall wall..