Thursday evening I was shocked to hear the news that a good friend Shane McConky had past away in a BASE jumping accident in italy while filming with my former film crew matchstick productions.  Shane had a infectious personality and his ability to make people laugh will be missed by everyone lucky enough to cross his path. Shane has supported me from the beginning of my career in the ski industry and growing up watching the progress he made for the sport of skiing and BASE jumping was both awe inspiring and truly terrifying at moments. Shane had a way of living everyday to the fullest and always walked the fine line between safety and insanity needless to say he inspired and changed the lives of millions of people across the globe.  I feel blessed to have known him, laughed at his jokes, and had him as a supporter.  I guess you could say I am one of his biggest fans.  Shane was at a point of comfort with the risks he was taking the same as all of us fall into a comfort zone whether it’s driving down the highway, or progressing a sport that has no apparent ceiling.  When I was injured I learned that your comfort zone can often be a dangerous place to be and what I’ve taken from Shane’s death is how truly lucky I am to be alive today.  Shane was a huge inspiration to me and I will be taking that inspiration into everyday of my life and especially my rehab process for the months/years to come.  I hope everyone who reads this wakes up tomorrow feeling lucky to be alive and takes a moment in their day to smile in Shane’s memory and to walk that fine line between comfort and fear no matter how that applies to you.  Live your life to the fullest and never loose sight of what you love. We all miss you already Shane, we are here for your family and your infectious personality will absolutely never be forgotten.

We lost a good friend, a husband, a father, a son, and an icon rest in peace Shane.