so today i was in an elavator nervously awaiting the news i was about to hear from my doctor. Was my knee done and gone?would i need surgery again? then a ringing noise interupted my thoughts and the elavator stopped at level 3. when the doors opened a group of old people showered around me. They brought with them a strange undesirable smell and a long moaning conversation. i looked at them and suddenly became a little frightened. they were all casualities of time. the women had lost their beauty, and were all slumped over and distraught. They had all attempted to conceal their fates with lip stick, hair spray and that god awful permed curly hairdoo. the men were no less pathetic. They had canes, walkers and raspy voices. i started to freak out and wanted desperately out. the smells, the sounds, the sights. i knew that one day my youthfull body would frail up to the consequence of time and i would become one of them. instead of waiting to see when i would ski, i would be waiting to see when i would die.