alright so it's monday night. the past three days it has been snowing here in Rossland and the end result was up to 2ft of fresh under the feet.

there was a slopestyle comp on saturday, but it was called off due to it being a legit powder day after almost two months of dry weather. saturday was an amazing day of skiing, but sunday kicked it's ass and is now in the books as one of my top 5 days on skis, ever.

unfortunatly the snow fell over the weekend and whitewater (the other hill in the area) recieved none of the snow we did, there was quite the croud out for some turns. now today was the deepest yet, and no line!!! gotta love weekday pow. this morning after taking one run I dropped the poles and took two two runs in almost waist deep pow...

I mean, this is already known, but we do need poles in the powder. unless you're under the belief that you have to lean back to ski powder (which is wrong by the way). without poles you can't stay forward and be agressive, so I grabbed the poles and started skiing.

as for the future of skiing, I hope we don't lose our poles for something silly like style. because I don't care what anybody says, you don't need true skiing ability to ride park, and therefor the state of the sport should not be judged based off of that aspect alone.

i hear people starting to show up for the pot luck (it's my turn to have the monday night potluck this week) so I'm out.