yeah so me and my friend went out jibbing was pretty chill. when my local newpaper guy(photo journalist) comes up and is like can i have an interview with you dude and shit. he takes some pics and shit. and he says that he doesn;t even know if we will be in the paper or not. so we where like whatever.

an hour goes by and another guy comes up to us and hes from the same newspaper and asks us if he could have an interview and take some pics. so where just stoked and just like sure whatever..

this guy says the same thing that he didn;t know if we would even be in the paper...

but the next day we looked in the paper and we whhere front page. i thought it was pretty sick.

the only thing that ticked me off what that they put my friend sliding the rail and i was in the backround and shit but i was pissed.

there was still a column in the paper saying my name and shit. but i was ticked.

theres the pic that was in the paper