So my ski season is now officially done. aprox. days of skiing this season: 90

Numbers wise April was a pretty sad month for skiing, clocking only 5 days for the whole month. But I got 'er done during those few days. In one run alone (at Lake Louise) I bagged three new tricks: 360 truckdriver - I'm gonna be stretching like mad so I don't lose it for next year. I also got my first mute to tail grab combo in a trick, as well as handplants to switch (as opposed to forward). I was sad to see no big jumps at Lake Louise, which just highlights the point that RCR has no clue what they are doing, and they desirve to go bankrupt.

I went up to Whistler Monday for my last day of the year and had an awsome time. I never know what to expect from Whistler when I go there for many reasons, and this time was no different. I always try to get at least one day at Whistler every year, but it's almost always at the very end of my winter when I'm at my poorest. This year I decided to take advantage of Blackcomb (which means the park) being open after the telus festival, and I arrived in town on the sunday after the big air/halfpipe finals. Monday morning it wasn't raining so I was stoked to get up there and ride some stunt ditch, but sadly the pipe was closed ALL DAY for some snowboarders to do a photo shoot... stupid snowboarders. Other then that the day turned out to be really fun. The park was packed with tons of talent to highlight how far behind I have gone in the jibbery of park skiing. It was nice to hit jumps bigger then the 50ft flat takeoff tables that I've had to deal with at Red Mountain the past two seasons. Aside from the actual skiing I happened to run into a good amount of people I haven't seen since Ontario (Max, Charles, Johan, and more) which was pretty cool.

I'm back in Vancouver now, hanging out in the rain and doing the city thing. Last night I went to an art show at Langara College and drank a bunch of free wine (yay free wine!). My friend won the potery award and got $400, plus someone bought one of her paintings as well, she was very stoked... it's just too bad she doens't snowboard very much anymore.

Sunday morning I leave to go planting for the summer, I think I might bring my rock skis if there is room in the truck incase I run into any nice sand hills to play on.

Now, last blog a had a bunch of questions about planting so I am going to let you know what I think you should know.

1) B.C. is good, the rest are bad. But if you're east coast then most companies will make you do a year in Ontario before they're take you out west.

2) Brinkman is the best big company in Canada, hands down. There are many good small companies out there, but the chances of a: finding them and b: getting hired as a rookie are slim to none.

3) DO NOT go planting for the "experinece". It's a hard job with long hours, not so great living/working conditions (almost always due to the weather), you have to kiss most of your summer goodbye, and remember that it can always get worse.

4) working for 3 to 4 months and having your entire winter off may sound fun, but it can be stressfull as fuck year round. And don't expect to make enough your first year to not work in the winter, it just won't happen.

5) To take full advantage of the money treeplanting has to offer, you have to plant for two or more years... that being said, treeplanting will get you nowhere in life, other then where you already are. it is not a career, just a way to get money.

I hope everyone has an awsome summer, and if you're some of those few who are either still skiing or going to the glacier/southern hemisphere, happy turns!