Here are some pics (screen shots) from a couple weeks ago when a few friends and I went up to Echo Mountain for one of their final days of operation.  It was a beautiful day and my friend Nathan Minatta, a CU film student, had the boom and 7D present.

Echo had some fun stuff, including a big pole jam gap, a channel gap, and free food! However, some if the jump’s landings were quite short. No one managed to go too deep however, so it was a good day.

Not long from now, I will be strapping up again as I am heading to Windells and Hood for the summer! A pic from then you say? but that would make no sense at all!

Me. Back 1 over the channel.

Seth Hill. Andrecht back 5.

CUST rider Joe Dryer. Front 3 tap.

Me. Pole jam rodeo.

Myself. Miller flip tail grab. Summer session 7.

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