so the school year was finally over. the student was dead and the summer inside me was alive again. i decided to celebrate and go skating. i grabbed my board and warmed up on some mellow hills to get my confidence. it had been a while since i skated because of my knee but everthing felt pretty good, good enough i thought to try one hill i used to do everyday when i was healthy, a hill i had called the hill of doom for its sheer steepness. when i reached the top of the hill i looked down and remembered how none of my fellow longboarders would even attempt the thing. i remembered one time i took a friend and he just dropped his jaw and called me crazy, and later told me i was reaching speeds of 45 mph. i shook these thoughts out my head and stroked my wooden board for good luck and spun the wheels. i even kissed the damn thing. i looked up at the mountains in the back ground pounded my chest and dropped in. things were going well at first. i felt confortable and tranquil. the speed and the danger was my friend. the wind was hollowing and my eyes were watering. then my worst nightmare happened and my board began to wobble out of control. i was trapped on this little piece of wood and i was at the mersy of gravity. its strange though when the fear of danger and death hits you everthing seems more vibrant and you pay attention to the world. then the wobbles proved to much. i forgot to tell u put i had my shirt off and wrapped around my head. i fell off the board and rolled in a frenzy of fright and pain. i could feel the street eating my flesh and bruising my muscles. i was crazy fast yet crazy slow at the same time. my adventure came to a halt at the side of the curb as i hit it hard with my shoulder and rolled up onto somebodies lawn. i sat there covered in blood looking up at the sky trying to ignore the pain. i looked at my knee and i felt fine so i thanked the gods and lay there some more. summer is here.