i want to add a new blog entry, but i'm not sure if i'm in the mood to

do all that writing...    so instead i'll just be lazy and see what


alright, well with less than ideal weather the past

couple weeks our season has been off to a shitty start.  i've managed

to get 7 days under my belt sofar, but when i look out the window and

see grass on the ground instead of a big snowbank it makes me sad when

i think about how this time last year i was sitting closer to 20, not

to mention the lifts were running.

done some cool stuff

though.   jibbed this soccer goal post like a pole jam or whatever

those skaters call it.  it was aluminium, so it was kinda sketch...  

one thing rossland is good for is jibbing in town.  with so many hills

and snow - your options are pretty large.    but other then that, i've

only had one day with real turns...  hiked up whitewater and got some

nice pow in the trees before hitting a boulder field.  damn


the past few days we have experienced the

dreadful Pineapple Express came through and (after dropping a foot of

snow) washed away most of our snow.  Luckily Whitewater seamed to get

more snow then rain and they are going to open this weekend - just for

the weekend.   but hey - i'll take it.  it's either that or head up to

golden for the weekend.  

With that - Fernie is also opening

this weekend, but not only am I not going to give them a dime of my

money, i'm trying really hard to stop my friends from going there.   I

think that anybody on this website should refuse RCR your business. 

There are other options (unless you live in Cranbrook or something) for

skiing in Canada, don't support a company that doesn't support you. 


other news, my ex came back into town two days ago - but she left all

my movies in Vancouver sitting on a barge on the Fraser River.  So

after weeks of waiting for all my movies (and when it's pre-season,

what better is there to do then watch movies?), I now have to wait till

like the new years to get them.    damnit.    The ex arriving back into

town should be interesting...   in a small ski town, your circle iof

friends doesn't branch too far, ya know?         

i guess that

is all for now.  the forcast doesn't look that good, so i don't expect

the season to get better any time soon.  if this shit keeps up i might

have to put my words into action and get the fuck out of dodge.  

season in golden anyone?