So last night I went to the world premier of Level1's partly cloudy with my friend mike. The movie has changed skiing forever. Will Wesson has the opening part and Will having his insane rail style blew our minds with many rail transfers and switch ups. My favorite part of the movie shocked everyone, when Real Skifi had a part. The segment opens with one rider riding on his skis gets on a bike while riding the bike another person jumps onto the back of the bike like the bike is a rail. he then transfers from the bike to a handrail, this blew everyones mind. The movie is a must see if you have any chance to see it, you better see it. This was our first premier and we did some things right and some things wrong. what we did right was showing up 2 hours early. that sounds insane but we where second in line witch ment that we went in second got photo's taken of us by SAGA and freeskier. another thing we did right was stand in the middle of the crowd, this was great for product toss (even tho we only cout stickers.) what we should have done is bring shipping tubes to put our posters in and brought water, it got insanely hot inside the building. Over all it was amazing and super fun, and im glad I went.