well, its summer time, so for me that means, slacking off, sleeping a lot, wakeboarding, cliff jumping, hanging out at my lake, partying, thinking about skiing, being on NS all the time to help think about skiing, and most importatly, editing.

i have definitely been editing a ton, sitting in front of my comp, with the AC blasting right into my face. This will be ski blocks first full length film, and i have to say it is coming together really well. the majority of the film is done, and im guessing it should be ready sometime during august. i plan on selling it for 5$ by paypal, or any other different way you want. in the next coming weeks, keep an eye out for a b footage edit, and possible a second teaser. we have a lot of up and comers, such as chris logan, parker white, nick miles, ian compton, as well as others who i can promise wont dissapoint. well for now, heres a little sneak peak at the editing studio. stay tuned for more updates.

and as for now, go out and enjoy yourselves, its summer!

and check out my dog!