We've been hard at it since Thursday night making snow. This year we will have an insane amount of snow to work with barring any Sahara Desert heatwave in the next 13 days. Right now the plan is to hold the public jib arena up on the trail, it will still be hiking only and will cost $5...tickets are required..no exceptions. As it sits right now we have more snow up on the run than we have had any of the past 4 seasons for opening day. It's mind blowing how incredible our new snow making system is. Even with it only running at 30-40 percent(because the power compnay still hasn't given us all the power needed to run every gun just yet) it has put out 2 to 3 times as much snow as last years opening effort. With all of this snow we expect to build the public jib arena much the same as we would for opening day, only just not as long because everyone will be hiking. Before we get to carried away brainstorming ideas we'll wait this week to see how much snow melts before we commit anything to paper. Check back mon/tues for an update, by that time we should have a really good idea of what will be setup.