Lawless Motion Pictures, a small film company started simply to film each other and watch later over beers, is currently editing its fourth full length movie. The End Is Near follows the Professional Ski Patrol on Mt. Hood during the 2006/2007 season.

Join us this summer as we expose the skiing in South America. Trying to inform the rest of the world about the wonders of skiing in the southern hemisphere, Nick Burks and Paul Klein are on a three month journey, north to south, through Chile and Argentina.

Join along with them as they experience the wonders of skiing in south america.

Available shortly after their return, Skiing in South America for Gringos, is an informative interactive dvd. Learn from our opportunities and mistakes, as well as advice from the local culture. Designed to help you make your choices when planning a ski vacation during the summer, this two disc set also includes an exciting ski film made while on their journey through far off lands.

Back in Santiago today. Never thought I would be glad to be here but i haven't had a shower in 5 days. Waiting to here from the cat-skiing operation just outside of town.

Then it’s over the pass at Portillo to Argentina. We are going to Penitentes a resort west of a large city named Mendoza.