http://www.shogoclothing.comWe are brand new urban street apparel company from Salt Lake City, UT. Our line is unique, durable,stylish in design, and versatile (slope to street.)Our designer, Shogo,from Japan creates very cool outfits and each of our products is nothing similar to the other brands. He is a very unique designer because he often getsinspired when he’s on the slopes, and then develops products by himself. He skis, draws, makes pattern, and sews. Not very many people can do that.As Shogo himself commented, “It would be cool if skiers and snowboarders could go straight downfrom the mountain to the city wearing the same clothes they skied/rode in…”This concept is embedded into Shogo’s designs. One can look cool and have ablast on and off hill by wearing shogoclothing.

We are producing a small assortment of our Men's Summer Tank Top for our first year. It is a longand slim fit, and it has hand pockets on each side. It comes with white, turquoise, and black. Size range is Small to XL. Also, one of the SaltLake's local magazine (SLUG) wrote our tank top review. Please click the link→ Men's Summer Tank Top will be coming in May. If you are interested in getting it, please email us directly with your color and size so we can make sure to provide you. mailto:info@shogoclothing.comWebsite: Facebook: Store: