So, over the past week we have had quite a roller coaster ride here at Red Mountain. After taking three days off of skiing due to a tweaked back, I was itching to get back out on the skis. What better way to find out if my back is all good than an inbounds powder day.

Wednesday morning we woke up to 20cm of light blower pow. With the wind, there were pockets of REALLY deep snow on north facing aspects, and overall made for a killer day.

Jan 12 from darryl hunt on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, the weather just couldn't sustain itself and the snow turned to rain. A warming trend started during the day on Thursday, and we have been experiencing a "Pineapple Express" with wind and rain reaching just shy of the mountain tops. With the entire province forecasting High to Extreme avalanche conditions, and no real cooling trend in sight, it's looking like a road trip might be in order.