iNS is in its final stages of testing so I though I'd give you guys a preview of what's coming up. This release is going in to Apple Wednesday night, pending we don't find any bugs, and should be online as soon as they approve it. This update, as well as all updates to this version, is free. If it shows up on Apple's site and you have to pay to upgrade, please, let me know. It only means I goofed something up.1. Support for Regional and Cult forums just like the Main Forums.2. My Thread support3. When iNS runs low on memory and a user hits back, the forum automatically reloads. No more blank screens.4. iNS no longer crashes when a user quotes a post, then the post is deleted. - Thanks powderbro5. iNS no longer crashes when a quoted post is completely blank. Example Thread - Thanks SteezyasPieSupport for Regional and Cult forumsRegional and Cult forums are accessible via the first window in iNS. Instead of seeing just the Main forums as the previous version shows, a slider bar is presented at the top of the window which also contains My Threads, Regionals, and Cults. Tap the forum type you'd like to go to and that forum will load. When the content is wider than your screen, e.g. only the words "Cu" appear on the far right of the screen, swipe the bar at the top and the full text will appear.
My ThreadsMy Thread support has been added. To get there, select My Threads on the first screen, as shown in the image above. The only thing special about My Threads compared to other forums is that when you reply to a thread via My Threads, you are returned to the My Threads screen and that screen is reloaded instead of going to the forum that is associated with that thread. After a long discussion with many of the testers, we felt that people who go to My Threads, typically stay in the My Threads section.
No More Blank ScreensHave a jailbroken iPhone or a 1st gen iPod or iPhone? Sorry about those blank screens. That was a learning experience for me. I've figured it out and the issue is fixed now. I'll continue to test for the low memory issues in the future.Fixed a few thread bugsI monitor the INS v1 thread in Site Discussion. If you find a bug, post it there or PM me. Special thanks to powderbro and SteezyasPie for working with me on solving a few bugs. Likewise, thanks to everyone who posted about the blank screens and even more thanks to all the testers, who shall rename nameless.Next VersionThere are a few things I wish this app had that I will work on. They're much smaller features, but I think you guys will appreciate them. In addition, I'm going to add profile viewing support and do my best to work on PMs. PMs are a big feature because of how they will fit into the UI. Please, be patient. I can't give a definite target date for the next release, but it's spring, it's raining, and my season is slowing down until Alaska in May.