Last week we learned more about the up and coming female crew titled The Diamond Annies, who are here to change the game in the realm of Women's Skiing (READ: Diamond Annies is Changing the Game). The crew consists of eight women, Katrina Nicole Siegfried, Brooklyn Poirot, Jackie Mee Hyun Kling, Taylor Lundquist, Danylle Hammett, Brooke Potter, Steffi Relssom, and Erica Durtschi.

The film premiered Saturday afternoon during the iF3 'Past, Present, and Future Screening' and the crowd was nothing but stoked to see a crew of ladies absolutely destroying parks across the world. The movie opens up with quite possibly the worlds greatest pump up speeches then switches to compiled footage from all of the women's seasons. Our very own Katrina Nicole did the editing, and was successful in filling the theatre with laughter.

Although the entire crew could not make it to Montréal, Taylor Lundquist and Brooke Potter were able to watch their movie take the big screen for the first time. Brooke Potter gave a few words on the screening, "It was rad to hear how much energy was in the crowd during our screening. There was much support for us ladies and everyone seemed hyped on the movie."

Dear Diamond Annies, we're all stoked for what's next.