alright, so I am in rossland right now, chilling out for a week, enjoying the luxury of hard walls and nice couches. A lot has happened on this side of the computer screen the past three months, but I'll try not to bore you with all the boring details and stick to what matters: SEX, DRUGS, AND ICE CREAM!

So I was up in the interior of BC (100 Mile House and Williams Lake to be exact) for the past two and a half months. As for the planting itself, we took a bunch of video of each other planting on the block this year, my buddy Jeff has all the footage (party footage too) on his laptop and will be editing something together for YouTube, if it turns out to be good I'll put the link up here. Basicly, all you need to know about the actual job of planting is that you plant trees, and swear a lot.

There is one thing that is job related that I would like to talk about though. The Pine Beetle. I am sure that most of you know about the Pine Beetle problem going on in BC right now, but most of you probably don't really know the facts, just that there is a problem. Well, here is the situation we are dealing with right now. A massive amount of pine trees are dead, and the pine beetle kills them by laying their eggs in the tree, and when the eggs hatch it basicly strangles the tree, not allowing any nutrients and stuff get up or down, killing the tree. They used to believe that the beetle would only go to mature trees and anything under 30 years or so would be safe. We now know this to be untrue. There are cut blocks around Horsefly, BC that were planted 100% pine around 15 years ago that are now completely dead from beetle kill. And knowing this, West Fraser (the logging company) is still having us plant pine. The BC forest is already fucked beyond control, so it's now more a question on if they will die or not when all the pine trees are dead. With us constantly planting pine trees, that may never happen... the other issue is if they will spread east. Let's hope they don't.

Treeplanting Camp is all about the fact that you work and live with the same people and twice a week or more you party hard with the same 30 people. anyone who is good at math (how the fuck does this have to do with math? i don't know) can add up what that means. There were more hook ups and more drama this year then there is in highschool. At the end of they year some people made a flow chart for all the hook ups and it looked like a crazy spider web. I won't get into the full details but there was a threesome, a few chicks sleeping with multiple guys over time, and me - i managed to get with a chick who has only been with girls the past 5 years, a crazy chick who (as it turns out) happens to cut herself, and a hot milf - but this last one i will leave for a later time - i may be a homewrecker.

So living in tents, doing drugs, the prices were good, and we gave 'er till the trees were done. On our drive back to Vancouver I got drunk in the back of the car and really wasn't ready for the city when we got there. I'm just happy I didn't get beat up. The next morning, went for breakfast at bons (nanaimo and broadway - good stuff), then shopping. That night my friend Nick and I went to this pretty good hardcore show down at Main and 3rd. It was good to get to a show so soon out of planting. The weird part was that after the show this ice cream truck came by... only in the city.

You're probably wondering as to why this thread is titiled "I am an idiot". The explanation is funny and sad at the same time. I'll start with my laptop that I bought on a day off. Nice Toshiba Satalite, 15"... but 3 days after i bought the damn thing i get drunk and spill beer all over it, fucking it up completely. good bye laptop. it wasn't a complete failure of a night though 'cause that also was the first night of milfness. Another idiot thing I did (other then dump my girlfriend of 4 years with a letter) was buy a trampoline, bring the trampoline to Rossland, and forget the springs in Williams Lake. SHIT! So now I gotta go down to Trail and see if i get get some cheap springs.

Basicly it seams that anything of worth that I touch (be it things or people) break in some way. so... who wants to play?

I guess this thing is getting a little long so I'll wrap it up. In a week I am out of Rossland, heading out to the coast and traveling around on the islands for a while. If anyone reading this is firmiliar with Cortes Island... I'll be there for a few days. I have never been there myself, but all the chicks I meet from there are hot, and they all love the place, so it should be a good time. I go back to planting Aug 20th (ish). GO VACATION!!!!