Summer might be coming to a close, but there's always time to squeeze in a camping trip or two. My brother's legs have been feeling good since recovering from his accident in the spring, so we decided to go for a little mission in the Uintas. He did well on the 14 mile trek through the alpine. Our goal was to explore a string of lakes off the beaten path, and hopefully find some native cutthroat.

^The big dip
^for full effect, click on the image for larger version. This was the 180 degree view when you tilted your head up towards the sky. The milky way was extra milked up.
^We camped near a small pond at treeline. I set up a time lapse on the shore to capture the stars reflection in the water as they panned across the sky. It was a pretty cool scene.
^After a few miles of hiking through the woods, we came across this zone that overlooked our objectives.
^I can't imagine someone positioned that rock there, must have been a glacier.
^All we had to do was scramble through the rock field before we could see if these high country gems were holding what we were looking for.
^As it turned out, the crystal clear emerald water was holding some fine trout.
^We spent the day cruising the shores looking for fish, casting beetles and ants. The fishing was great, and we caught a couple dozen of these beauty's. It was amazing to watch the fish come from 20 feet down and delicately sip the small black beetle off the surface of the water with no hesitation. It was alpine dry fly fishing at its best.
^Our buddy Zack, who just purchased his first fly-rod, came along for the mission. Here he is on his way to hooking his first native trout on a dry-fly. It's always a good time exploring new areas in the mountains with your buddies.