First, I know my handle-name is awful, but you know, it's a kinda joke.

So, hi there guys & girls, I'm Ryo, a editor of a free magazine called "bullsh*t" of skiing in Japan.

Here's the cover. The rider is Tamaki Nobuhiko (He competed the US Open in the past!) @ Sapporo

What do you imagine when you hear "Japan"?

Sushi? - oh yeah I love it too.

Geisha? - c'mon, that's too yesterday.

Dragon ball? - I'll bet you that the Hollywood movie sucks.

Powder? - well actually your right, but that's not all of it of skiing in Japan.

Yasuaki Arima somewhere in Hokkaido

Might be hard to believe but, freeskiing is really a minor sport in Japan. Even among people who ski and snowboard.

And also, magazines in Japan are just really boring, and full of nonsense information.

You mean, it was bullsh*t. I know there were a lot of reasons about it, and of course they were doing there best.

But, as I said, the magazines didn't give us the information we needed.

That's why we, the bullsh*t crew, decided to create a totally new magazine that we wanted.

And we did, and it's growing bigger and bigger, also holding some events and some sessions.

We made a free magazine to appeal to many people, people who don't ordinary ski or snowboard.

And we also thought that people outside this country is interested in the Japanese scene. In many major ski films, Hokkaido and it's powder always has a part, and is REALLY unbelievable, but there's a lot of awesome places in Japan except Hokkaido.

Daigo Onoduka @ Okutadami

So, through this blog, I would like to introduce our free magazine, about sick Japanese freeskiers, awesome sessions,  and about the Japanese freeskiing scenes. So, please stay tuned and see you later!

MATANE! (means "seeya!" in Japanese)