hello again,

well another week is gone, and with that comes another blog entry by this guy.

never ended up making it to big white over the week, the week has been a mess actually. i've been getting to drunk for my own good - it's getting bad.

yesterday there was a rail comp in the park at red mountain, but sadly there were only three skiers (including myself) in the 18+ ski division. it was fun to enter the comp because i haven't been in a comp for a few years, so i thought i'd give it a try. the small turn out of older dudes makes you wonder - where are all the skiers? the local kids were out in full force, totally killing it. i have no idea who won for the skiers because I was out getting high during the awards.

last night there was a sacrafic bonfire party for ular. you see - the east coast arn't the only ones getting fucked around this winter. we had a strong early season, but as soon as january hit the snow stopped. we're not over a month in with basicly no snow, and there isn't any substancial snow in the forcast for some time. I burnt a pair of Mojo 90's, there was a pair of shot skis' burnt, as well as some cross country skis and snowboards. people were trying to hate on me for burning a 'good pair of skis', but i don't think they understood how badly you could fuck a pair of skis up.

the wierd thing of the night was the cop car. ok, so rossland doesn't have cops, but last night we ran into the same cop car three times over the night. stupid cop made me pour out my beer. stupid cop.

it's superbowl tonight, which for me sucks ass because it means i can't watch simpsons and family guy (which is what hangover sunday is all about). and i'm going to TRY to not get drunk until next weekend. i'll let you all know how it goes.

Cat skiing on tuesday - let's hope the snow doesn't completely suck!!!