Hey everyone I apologize for not being able to check in with you as much as you’ve been checking in on me but as you probably all know they are keeping me pretty busy here at Craig and for every day I don’t check in marks a day that I’ve pushed my body to it’s maximum limits. Last week I reached the half way point of my stay here and from what I’ve heard from the therapists and doctors I’ve made more progress than anyone could of expected. My date is set to leave here for May 7 so I’m going to take each day in between to keep working my body both physically and mentally as hard as it will allow. I can’t thank all of you enough for your constant outpouring of energy and support. I’m still promising a personal check in with each of you as soon as I can find the time. Once I am released from Craig Katrina and I will be going to LA to finish the production of the 2 year documentary that I have been working on with freeskier Simon Dumont titled Transitions. We will also be looking into other rehabilitation facilities in the southern california area. If I continue to progress at my current rate I will still have allot of work to do through the summer months and beyond. Once again I wouldn’t be able to keep my spirits as high as they are without all your love and support so all I can ask for is to keep sending the positive energy my way. I’m also very happy to report that I’ve been able to be active in my career once again which keeps me very busy beyond my therapies and brings a sense of normality back to my life. Next big step is getting rid of my collar, which should happen in the next few weeks, and I’m entering my third week in a manual chair, which has finally given me the sense that I am getting stronger and more independent. 


I hope everyone is well and in as high of spirits as I am I love and miss you all and for those of you that I don’t personally know I look forward to the day we will meet. 

P.S. Katrina and my mom have continued to replace my back bone through this process so please send some energy their way as well. Everyone should know I’m in the best of hands.