On a Friday night in Bozeman, in a kitchen full of reunited Minnesota friends, we asked Kory Kirby some questions about the short film he just posted from his 2015 winter titled thegandstyle.

"It wasn't supposed to be anything until Monday, then I made it on iMovie. Everyone knows that the gnarliest shit usually tends to happen when there is no camera to capture it. This winter I I filmed a lot with my iPhone, or a pick between a SD or a HD handycam that can fit in my pocket- this allowed me to capture a very different look at my friends and my winters. I think skiing at times is too serious, and that filming should just be about capturing the good times you and your friends create. I love a good glidecam edit, but it's always good to see something different and fresh." - Kory

E: How have your Minnesota roots impacted your skiing?

K: Coming from MN and growing up with tow ropes made me and the other guys from there learn to ski fast and aggressive. In MN it's a snake or be snaked world, we usually try not to get snaked.

Photo: Andreas Schroeder

E: What does GAND stand for?

K: Gand; goat-n-dog, I met one of my best friends freshmen year; Nick Mcgowan he is known as the goat, just cause, and I'm known as the dog. We started a webseries last year called gand and in the spring our t3i set up was stolen at Heavenly along with a lot of footage. Shortly after this, Nick blew his ACL, PCL, and Meniscus- and gand was dead. This year it's reborn with two handycams as Nick was slowing getting back on skis. Next year should be better then ever. #longlivecheifgong

E: Tightspantspack?

K: Growing up with two older brothers who snowboarded, I always tried to be them, and they gave me their pants. The first pair I ever owned were actually Ryan Paul's- if you have never heard of him please look him up. We used say "the power of the pants" because without baggy clothes my legs feels more exposed and self-conscious, the pants have created my style today.

E: Biggest challenge you face in skiing?

K: I've have had two knee surgery's luckily never an ACL, but my meniscuses are shot. I have to ski with two braces to keep my knees straight, because twisting hurts to much. They haven't slowed me down yet, for the love.

E: Favorite romantic comedy?

K: I love you man

E: $100 to Safeway what do you buy?

K: Beer, really nice whiskey, Steaks, taters, asparagus wrapped in bacon, Ice cream, waffles, apple pie.

E: Aspirations?

K: Land all the tricks that keep me up at night, and create the ski part that I know I can make, I'll sleep even better then....

E: Any thanks?

K: Thanks to Erica Aarons, John Knopf, everyone look out for PADDY FLANAGAN he's the next big thing. Moment Skis. And just recently Outdoor Technology, Planks Clothing, and Full Tilt Boots. Shout to Peter Madden for the 50 mph hill bomb, to boost. Definitely one of the gnarliest things I saw all winter.

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