So earlier this week I had an interview with EA for an internship. It went really well, I feel like I dominated some of the questions I was asked and she thought I had a pretty interesting background that would help with game design. It would be really awesome to work for EA and who knows, maybe I could talk them into making a skiing game. At the very least it would help me out a ton with making my own game. I should find out soon if I get another interview and if that goes well I could get the job.

My own game isn't really coming along too well. Its really hard getting it started because its seems like an enormous project. Its definitely gonna be awhile before anything really great happens. I think I'm gonna make a 2d version (think DNA spin) to figure out the general physics and collision detection of the game before I take it to 3d. I've been thinking of interesting control schemes. I thought the way jibberish did spins was pretty clever, the farther you are off the lip of the jump the slower you spin, but I was thinking of something a little bit more radical. Maybe something like in DNA spin where you charge up the spin, like real life. Anything you guys think would be cool is appreciated.