Pan fired (says no contraband or abroad is not a). You could say: piracy means "could be fake shoes may be the plant of shoes, cheap shoes may be foreign or Taiwan. May be home to see the special shoes ... ..."In other words, as long as not being the shoes are called parallel. On the qualities of the shoe on shoe quality authentic: decent shoes authorized channels, including tax, are most prevalent in the market, store bought ones. A shoe: a product is made of their own private, tax, and final polishing process without genuine's meticulous, if air jordan 4 retro uk picked up the shoes look, you will find some local offset wasn't clean and polished. Parallel imports and a shoe, could be genuine. Another point is the production base to steal a logo is sewn, take genuine closer could see the difference. B footwear: b is provided by manufacturers, raw material and drawings, in part by manufacturing base,

part is a small workshop producing shoes, also excluding tax, product quality and a different, but equally belongs to the original shoes. The difference: look authentic shoes logo above to join a little, but not a big issue. Note: b the unevenness in the quality of the shoe, both good and bad. Shoes: Needless to say, one can know, of poor quality, color, shape, and on this there is a big difference between a genuine, without any scientific air jordan 6 retro uk and technological content, variety, very little. Note: complex g, assembled for a and b, between quality and appearance are OK, but this shoe is more difficult to find, so not much explanation. Origin of chapter II, international sportswear brand trademark NIKE ADIDAS REEBOK FILA ASICS CONVERSE section I should be friends for advice,Release international sportswear brand NIKE a familiar trademark traceability of United States brands. In

1971, Blue Ribbon sports goods company founder Phil (philkinpht) in order to expand its Asian markets, improving the company's image, decided for the company changed its name. His boss to "six degrees of space" in the name, but company officials denied. Final boss, ask staff to come up with a better name before the prescribed or adhere to the "six degrees of space" in the name, this term only for 12 hours. Only one full time staff throughout the company – Jeff Johnson, using the time difference between the two places, delay 3 rack their brains, trying to, but there is little progress. Too tired to play sleepy, like ancient Greece met Jeff in dream of the literature of ancient Greece the legendary master of the goddess of victory Nike, Goddess brought him inspiration in dreams, so he offered to Nike (Nike) as blue took the new name of the company, and get his approval. In