so over the weekend I put my boots and skis on for the first time of the season. it was pretty good. friday night we just got drunk and gt'ed around town till enevitably we went and put our equipment on and did garden drops and stuff in peoples yards.

yesterday we went and slid some rails at the school for a little bit. it was ok for the first session of the year. I finally figured out the whole tail press thing, so now i'm stoked to try and get one on a nice long rail, make it ligit you know? Anyways, we're suposed to get another dump tomorrow, and hopefully it will be enough to get the coverage I want up on the hill so I can start hiking.

Red doesn't run it's lifts till december so that means two weeks or so of pre season hiking. Can't think of a better way to get into shape for the ski season then skiing.

that's all for this blog, and i'm sure it was as entertaining for you to read this as it was for me to... i donno, put i'm sorry for boring you.