its september 4, 2006. it's the last day of summer. this summer was super fun. nights on the beach, pregaming in the car to random places, pregaming in sarah's backyard, liza's house, A&P, mcdonalds, taking 'walks' and blazing, red bull, zach's loud car, nights at zach's house (ho hum), colorado, missing skiing, and spending nights just driving around town. I've hung out with the same group of about 15 kids all summer. there's been moments where we've hated eachother, and moments where we wouldn't be with anyone else in the world. over all, this summer has made me realize how small my town really is, and how much I love my little group of friends. I feel like going back to school tomorrow is going to be so weird; seeing all these kids outside my little crew for the first time in 2 months. think about it- the whole reason I like summer is because I can choose who I hang out with everyday. its epic. I get 2 months to hang out every day and night with my closest friends. I donno, I had a blast this summer with them. I can't wait for this upcoming year and next summer. things are only gonna get better.