logiclothing:dode lets see how many ways we can rewrite this sentance : The fish swam in the bowl.

logiclothing: ill go first

eastjibber: ok

logiclothing: The aquatic orgnanism navigated throughout the round, glass object

eastjibber: the scale covered ball of flesh and tissue drifted around the interior of the melted sand sphere

12:50 AM

logiclothing:The small little golden sea creature became lost in his underwater palace. Yet strangely, he was surronded by his spherical glass boundary.

eastjibber: the air of the room found it laughable that the common pet known as a goooolldddfish was incarcerated within the confines of a glass prison

eastjibber: yeah...so that was weird

logiclothing:i cant compete



eastjibber: uh oh

logiclothing: ok

eastjibber: oh no

12:55 AM

logiclothing:Although he was underwater, the young subaquatic animal understood the mockery which existed amongst his four legged friends who dwelled outside of his fucking underwater hell.

eastjibber: hahahahahahahahaha

eastjibber: the last 3 words made it perfect


eastjibber: the age old symbol of the goldfish in a bowl being a sign of normalcy, and laid back ameraican life was exposed to a different level by the metaphor of the goldfish being trapped in a bowl while humans were free to roam relating to how the "white man" treated every other race known to him

logiclothing: hahahaha i dont even know what the fuckkkk that means man

eastjibber: hahahahahaha

eastjibber: if u think about it its kinda ironic

logiclothing: im not even high and im still laughing at my confusion

eastjibber: hahahahaah

eastjibber: a goldfish in a bowl is something that is present in america as a symbol of like, normal life

eastjibber: everyone has had a goldfish in a bowl at some point

eastjibber: but, it is ironic, that that symbol, which stands for normalcy, also symbolizes slavery, which is a metaphor for everyday life.

eastjibber: we see (or saw) slavery, prejudice and maltreatment as normal

logiclothing: dude, thats deep

1:00 AM

logiclothing: you went way to far into this