October, autumn, temperate climate make us feel smooth. Little Zhang Jie did not come to work and found, he said to himself: \heart.

noon meal, a small chapter in a low voice asked Pharaoh: \do not want to tell you, you ask, I said the.

small chapter heard here, that he has many things up. Units not many people can do more, why do speak out of turn, and made squad leader did not eat from Anson. Chapter is a small regret it, Pharaoh feet gently kicked him, said:

original way, the funeral should leave dealing with the elderly, ed hardy shoes let alone a daughter Li Jie, Zhou Li a few are present, the old man's funeral should we do deal with.

small chapter in a low tone of the question: \In the past, Li Jie said that the funeral tomorrow, elderly, just that we work at night, with time can also be morning in the past.

Small Cap relaxed, said:

evening to the funeral home, bought small chapter in the hall I saw a smile at the door 11 Li Jie took the hands of everyone, \When I need and they come into the house courtesy Wang, the DPRK Wang came here. Wang and workshop leaders are greeting a small chapter also smiled and nodded towards the leadership, standing around waiting for the next step Pharaoh

At this time, Li Jie took the old rock lovers come and say hello. Zhang thanked the old Little Rock, handing me a cigarette, whispered:

Jie look around a circle on the people, said: \led us to lead the way downstairs to the restaurant, she greeted the crowd in the final walk. With the crowd of small chapter to see Wang go, do not think of something for the elderly salute, followed by Wang them down the stairs.

funeral of the hotel have features large dining room, meals simple. Some places already gloomy, nor care about food quality of mood, the food is simple, the food was even more straightforward. Li Jie warm greeting everyone, and everyone drank a few glasses of beer accompanied. Chapter eat something small, so we sit on the sidelines early, are still caring for the elderly, longer follow the line of a ceremony.

finally satiated so we, out of the dining room, the Pharaoh said: \One look at these small chapter only to understand, just in vain, and their turn upstairs.

small chapter to go back upstairs, the units have so many people are missing one. Only security staff Hu East a man standing there, hello said:

That night a friend came, his wife in the kitchen busily preparing dinner, while she let me come back soon to buy a bottle soy sauce. I stretched forth his hand, take money, the family has always been earmarked spending, my wife gave me the money.

downstairs is the commissary, owner of Pharaoh, and I am very familiar with. Inevitably met a few pleasantries, I turned around to find the money to go a few steps, ah? No, four dollars of soy sauce, I gave him five dollars, how he looked me 16 yuan, it seems to me that he Yuehua Jian as 20 yuan of five-. Suddenly I know what to do, is to dress confused, or go back to him? Nearly a decade of neighbors and friends, come on, bow to see the rise not seen, man or to be honest some  ed hardy kids  good. I turned around and joking on the Pharaoh: Hey! Wang You opened a charity repetitious? I'll give you five-and you also find me 16 yuan. Wang also be puzzled a moment, he confused doubt myself. Afterwards is the most taboo to speak up 0:00 interrupt. Then his wife came out from behind the evil gave him a look, turning to me Peixiao: You're a good man, nowadays fewer and fewer people like you, thank you! Thank you! She said bluntly put away on my back for 15 yuan. Money and moving so fast that even I can not think of.

a hero back home, I truthfully reporting. Bad luck on the heels of his wife called me a large pig. Obviously she gave me 20 yuan, said many people looking for you money, it seems this is not something that I Yuehua Jian be puzzled. Finally waiting for my friend is gone, his wife began to get even with me. This can only be to quit his confessed. Also let people know I am a good neighbor, or 20 dollars will not go ask someone to come back to confused two are not people.

next morning, I went to morning shift, came downstairs to see the Pharaoh his face scarred, and I lost all forget things they joked yesterday: Hey! Wang Ze a, scratch his face last night? Wang is a sinking of the face: you're still laughing, blame you! Yesterday I was puzzled to find more of your money and find it! Also returned to, did anyone Buyiburao wife, swore all night, and said to my face leave a profound lesson, let me deep-seated Chrome heart. This is not considered finished, and still wanted clamoring for a divorce. Pique early this morning to come home a.

listening, suddenly stunned, I did not say half a word, the more confused!

waited a moment, not seen Li Jie came back, and both come down, just run into Li Jie in the semi on the road. Hu stepped forward and held out Libao East, said:

then quickly grabbed a small chapter Jie said: emergency, to go. chapter also problems, and he with me for a moment. You busy go, here we are of no help, sorry.

and Li Jie leave after the wave hit the small chapters, Hu East took his hand and said:

Small Cap drilling vehicle, said: \talking handing me a cigarette.

to a small chapter downstairs, Hu pulled off a small chapter of the East and said:

home washing is completed, a small chapter pick up Wu Guanzhong's Is reading flavored, wives come in, said Huang Shuji unit to the telephone. Chapter 1 small watch almost 22 points, and this time there is anything. Pick up the phone to the living room, said:

up the phone, as a husband and wife to a small chapter said: small chapter to the cultural shopping and saw the color of the arches on both sides of the basket full of flowers  ed hardy  placed in 108 stalls, people coming and going. Small Cap entered, and walked, when a man seized him, turned around, I saw a small chapter squad leader Wang.

looked like a small chapter some surprise, Wang said:

small chapter does not speak, laughed, and he knew that smile in the number of helplessness and even bitter.