saturday morning my mother and i headed up to the mountains at 6 am. getting to the mountain at 9, conditions were awesome. a lot of snow had been made and it wasnt too cold; the sun was just peaking through the clouds. i really nailed my switch ups and 27 out. i love all the people there. they're the nicest. my coaches are super rad and the kids are entertaining. over all everyone is hilarious and i constantly have a smile on my face. i am the 'mother' of them fixing their goggles, pulling their coat over their gloves, making sure they aren't left behind, giving them money, yadda yadda. it's good.

saturday night my mother and i went to church, out to dinner, then shopped around downtown North Conway. I got these rad sweaters in the basement of a hiking store; all consignment, my favorite.

sunday started off with a free breakfast i got from the hotel, cup of pumpkin spice latte from starbucks, and lots, and lots of snow. I love it, i was so happy. i adore the snow, it's a beautiful thing. it snowed all morning and then after noon it started raining. none the less, we still shredded all day. some kids had to leave, others went in, but a few others and i were still out there. i got my switch on on lock and i'm still trying those damn blind side 27s out. after the day came to a tiring, extremely wet end, i hopped in the car and drove 3 hours home in the pouring rain. wishing for the next 5 days to fast forward, i'll unpatiently be waiting, counting down the hours and days til another weekend of escape. i'm so grateful for skiing, it is completely my escape. it is all i have left and all i look forward. it has easily became my life and will be for here on out. it lets me unplug myself from all reailty 3 hours down south back at home. it clears my mind of all shit that's going on only worrying about the moment; what's happening right then. not a lot of people who don't ski understand this at all and that's why i love alll of yall the most! props to ya babies <3