are the seasons not perfectly laid out for us to move about and wander freely not only in this physical world, but in our own minds as well? By accepting such changes wholeheartedly, don't we ourselves at least possess the power to be not only motivated, but emotionally jettisoned into our near future? To be able to face life's changes with a carefree and motivated self, same as we all take our lines and ride them with complete open-mindedness, complete adaption to any variation. When the snow falls or melts, the leaves grow our turn brown, let us change the direction of heart and mind along side of our environment, accepting each cycle as rebirth. It must be this, for when it is not, our minds are only slowly dying as our bodies are. But grow young with the passing of time, stronger with each year so that you can be free of the mental corrosion that ends up creeping so slow, yet biting so hard when least expected.Constant change, my dearest friend you speak to me when I need it most. You cradle me when I am alone. I find comfort in your indifference, focus in your repetition. Meaning is found in the synchronicity of this strange and profound life. Reason is clear when most would see only twisted chaos.And in this I give thanks for the lessons and wisdom gained through the passing of the seasons.